lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008


When you hear a song and something inside of you makes you stop to listen to it; that something, however, moves into you; and that something does it once and once again everytime you hear it, you can firmly say that you like that song and you like music. It isn’t about if you understand or not the music; it’s about if you feel or not with it. There are as many ways to feel the music as people listening to it. All of them are valid.

The present work had to be an essay about any subject relationed with the anglosaxon countries. This, has been my choice. I didn't need to spend too much time thinking. It just came out! MUSIC.

I could have chosen any genre; all of them are worthy. But I thought, why don’t go through the father of the genres? What better way that going into a genre that reflects the feeling of a great part of American population in its origins? That musical genre is the Blues. The Blues is more than a musical style; it’s a language through which people express their feelings (most of the times sad ones); it’s a state of the soul where one is free to feel.

Everyone has the blues. Old and young, rich and poor, sick and healthy, man or woman. The key is to let the blues work for you. If you can sing or play an instrument, then you have a gift. Blues are for jamming and having a good time with your friends. If you know the basics you can learn the rest from the best: listening to recordings of all the great blues musicians that have come before you.

I focus this essay on the figure of Robert Johnson. Since I read for the first time about him, his history trapped me. He was a person who did what he wanted when he wanted. He had the ability to disappear every time he wanted with no responsibilities behind him. How many of us haven’t wanted that some time in our lives? He had a very short life but full of talent. As I mention in Robert’s biography below, he created a myth of himself thanks to his unique personality and talent.

I try to know more about things I enjoy. It’s good, since I enjoy it more and better.

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